Practice Areas

Followings are ALO's focuses. ALO's practices may cover those other than identified below. For more details, please contact at


ALC provides advice on legal issues which a company and any other business organizations encounter in the courses of their businesses. ALC's service covers a wide range of legal matters including legal advice, investigation and offering a legal opinion regarding various contracts and transaction, management of company's organization, employment, compliance, et al.

Dispute Resolution

ALC not only advises a company and an individual in preventive stage but also represents a company and an individual in arising or existing disputes. Depending on respective statuses, ALC shall represent a client outside the court or in legal proceedings such as litigation or alternative dispute resolution. Experts of other fields such as a tax lawyer, a patent lawyer, et al., shall be called up to assist where necessary.


ALC provides a wide range of legal services, using English as needed, for drafting, negotiating and executing contracts in relation to transaction between Japanese and foreign companies. Besides ALC provides advice on business and family issues of individuals which arise across the border.


ALC also undertakes requests for translation agreements or any other legal documents from English to Japanese, and vice versa. Legal knowledge and experience are essential to render good and reliable translation of legal documents. ALC's translation work shall be the right one to minimize legal risks which may arise from involvement of legal documents in foreign language.
If requested, ALC provides advice on an agreement itself in addition to its translation so that more appropriate reduction of legal risks and advantageous negotiation can be expected.

※Please inquire for more details. Note that translation fees shall not cover advice on an agreement.

Competition Laws

ALO is richly-experienced in the area of Antitrust Law. ALO provides an advice to and represents clients, in terms of preventing risks as well as of ex-post dispute resolution, on various formalities and proceedings relating to the Fair Trade Commission ("FTC") and Consumer Affairs Bureau under the Antitrust Law and its relevant laws and regulations. consulting with, making a notification and report to the Fair Trade Commission as well as assisting where clients face FTC's investigations, hearing procedures and lawsuits in the best interests of their businesses.

Intellectual Property

ALO provides an advice to and represents clients, in terms of preventing risks as well as of ex-post dispute resolution, on legal issue involving intellectual property rights, such as those under the Trademark Act, the Unfair Competition Prevention Act, the Patent Act, the Copyright Law, et al.


ALO provides advice to and represents clients on preparing various documents required by law such as work rules and employment agreements as well as on labor disputes such as termination, harassment at workplaces, et al.

Legal work for individuals

ALO handles legal issues involving foreign individuals in wide range of fields such as family, immigration, commercial, civil and criminal matters.


ALO has expertise in the criminal law practices and performs as a defense attorney in all types of cases ranging from general individual crime to corporate crime such as insider trading and violation of tax laws or antitrust laws. ALO also represents a crime victim to assist in pursuing its rights and recovery in accordance with relevant laws and regulations.

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